Our Mission & Vision

Our vision is a community where all are acknowledged, respected, and valued—and where all have a voice in decisions and are empowered to make positive change.

Our mission is to facilitate community problem solving by bridging the gaps between community members, government officials, and other organizations. We build on people’s strengths and aspirations by providing the support they need to become changemakers and leaders in the community

 We utilize a grassroots, approach in order to fulfill that mission by focusing on 3 goals:

  • Connecting community members through social and cultural events
  • Partnering with other organizations to better utilize resources and avoid duplication of effort
  • Promoting civic and economic engagement of Southeast Georgetown
A community where no member feels excluded, shamed, or silenced and where all members — of all races, ethnicity, citizenship, educational background, and socioeconomic status — feel valued, respected, empowered, acknowledged, and included in the decisions that affect the community and neighborhoods.

Our Start

SEGCC was founded in 2017 to address critical needs identified by low-income Georgetown residents participating in a 2015 needs assessment commissioned by the Georgetown Health Foundation (GHF).  In 2019, a follow-up needs assessment was conducted to update findings from 2015, explore emerging needs, and evaluate the impact of responses to the 2015 assessment.

Findings from these needs assessments reflected critical needs in the areas of public transportation, affordable and quality housing, access to health foods and nutrition programs, language access in schools, bullying and mental health, reframing of power differentials in services, access to affordable legal and immigration services, and affordable after school activities.  In addition, gaps include disconnection between decision makers in Georgetown and the community. 

SEGCC, working in partnership with local agencies, organizations, and city entities, is working to assure these needs and concerns are heard and addressed. SEGCC helps and encourages the community in finding and using its collective voice to better the lives of all our residents and their families. As the city of Georgetown continues to experience unprecedented demographic growth and changes, SEGCC works hard to ensure our capacity for care keeps pace with our community’s growth and evolving needs.

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